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Bacon Curing Kit

The Baconology Project Kit is your master class for savory slices of bacon, seasoned in triumph and sizzled to perfection. A unique gift for the bacon lover in your life! More

Smash and Grab Gift Card

Smash and Grab is our answer to these hard-to-gift guys, a $50 gift card sealed in a brick engineered to be as frustrating to crack as his stubborn taste. More

Acrylic + Metal Frames

No need to mess with matting and easel backings. These acrylic "frames" stand upright when wedged into the metal base. Simply place your picture between the acrylic front and the back piece. More

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Housewarming Gift Ideas

Moving into a new home is a time for special celebration, and you can congratulate great friends or family on their new home with a thoughtful, useful, or personalized gift. Here are some gift ideas for the new homeowner: Gift baskets. Tried and true, gift baskets are an easy... More

Thank You Etiquett

Truth be told, when you receive a gift of any sort, showing appreciation is fundamental. How you go about exhibiting your gratitude is entirely up to you, but also depends on the occasion. If you open a gift in the presence of the giver, then your verbal thanks may be... More

Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas

Are you the one whose gifts look like they went through a tsunami when you show up at a party? Or are they just ordinary and drab? Well fret no more. Here are some easy tips for helping you look like a star in the gift-wrapping department. And don’t worry…these are simple ideas... More